From Bitterness to Abundance

Jan 30, 2022    Jim Moynihan

"From Bitterness to Abundance"
Digital Bulletin--

Questions for Personal Reflection/Group Discussion
1.Why is a root of bitterness so dangerous? See Hebrews 12:14-16.

2.Ask the Lord to reveal any “wells of bitterness” in your heart. Write them down.

3.Name the emotion attached to these wells. Is it anger? Pain? Envy? Judgmental spirit? Pride? Etc. Ask the Lord to show you what life in the Spirit would mean for you even if the situations causing the pain/anger do not change.

4.Go through that list and ask the Lord to give you the ability to lament and repent these wells of bitterness (we will be talking about this more in the upcoming weeks, but start praying now).

5.Review the list of Proud People and Humble People prayerfully once more.