Break it Up!

Feb 6, 2022    Jim Moynihan

"Break it Up!"
Digital Bulletin--

Questions for Personal Reflection and Group Discussion
•Why you do think hesed (unconditional-covenant love between God and one another) leads to JOY?
•Why do you think hesed and joy are two essential nutrients in the soil of our hearts for spiritual growth and transformation?
•Why is essential to break up the unplowed ground and remove the thorns/weeds in our life through God revealing and our repenting?
•Use the handout to continue to ask the Lord to reveal those areas of your life than need to be broken up, turned over, the weeds rake out, etc. Take adequate time to confess (to admit to God, yourself, and if need be, others) and then repent (turn away from) of these “weeds”.
•Share with at least one other person this week what you sense God is breaking up in your life and whatever weeds He may have revealed.