Someone has said that life is a journey racing towards eternity.

Who will you trust your one life with?

Have you ever...

...wondered what will you happen to you when you die?

...wanted to know with absolute certainty that your sins are forgiven?  

...wondered if "all roads" truly lead to God?

Then... TRUST JESUS may be your best NEXT STEP!

trust jesus

For Now and Forever

Trust Jesus

At Alliance Church, we believe that God has hard-wired certain emotional and spiritual needs into our hearts.  

We need to feel safe.  We need to feel loved.  We need to feel like we have purpose.  We need to feel empowered to change our present circumstances.

Because when we don't feel safe, we feel afraid.  When we don't feel loved, we feel empty.  When we lack a sense of purpose, we feel like a failure.  And when we don't feel empowered, we lose hope.  

But we believe Jesus wants to give you LIFE and have it to the FULL.

Who Will You Trust Your One Life With?