There are some things in life that are simply too important to miss.

This is one of them.

Have you ever wanted... explore  matters of faith but don't feel super comfortable going to church? ask more questions but are not sure who to talk to?

...a safe environment to ask questions but are afraid people may "shove" religion down your throat?

Then... START THE CONVERSATION may be your best NEXT STEP!

start the conversation

Explore Faith With Friends

Start the Conversation

At Alliance Church, we promise to treat you with absolute respect as you explore Christianity.  We care you for as a person-not as a project or "number".  

We recognize that exploring matters of faith takes time and we would love to walk alongside you in that journey.

Discovering new life in Jesus has made all the difference for us and we are confident it will for you too.
In our Start the Conversation groups, our goal is to create a friendly, non pressured environment to have meaningful conversations, build friendships and have fun.  Because we respect your time, we have decided to use excellent materials entitled LIFE Explored and CHRISTIANITY Explored to aid discussion.