Who We Are

“Young At Heart” consists of senior men and women (couples and singles) who enjoy gathering with others of similar age for fun, fellowship, encouragement, rest, spiritual nourishment, and service.

What We Do

Our Seniors currently have no events planned. We are seeking someone who would be interested in this leadership role of planning events, organize stamping, etc.

During the year, a variety of outings are offered....such as game nights, cook outs, dinner theaters, bowling, baseball games, mini-golf, meals, etc.   Don’t let your age make you feel you have nothing to contribute or that the fun of life has passed you by. Your presence with us will not only lift your spirit, but it is sure to be an encouragement to all others who join us (Hebrews 10:24,25).  

If you would like to invest in mission work in churches of Central and South America, we invite you to join us one morning each month as we collect and cut postage stamps; the profit from the sale of these stamps helps to support this mission work.  Detailed calendars are available at the visitor center and the church office.

Join Us For Our Next Event

As we have a variety of activities going on, please contact us so we can tell you what we're doing next!