It's not every day you get a letter from God.

But if you do, be sure to read it.

Have you ever...

...wanted to read the Bible but don't know where to start?
...wondered if you will ever understand what you're reading?

...wished you could have daily reminders and accountability to read the Bible?

Then... READ THE BIBLE may be your best NEXT STEP!

read the bible

You Need to Eat

Read the Bible

The Bible reveals how we were designed by God to experience and enjoy life.  But it also reveals what causes us to instead walk so often in darkness, bondage, and depression.  

God wants you to know Him.  And He wants you to know how to live a life that is FULLY ALIVE.  

Try the YouVersion Bible App

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Find your favorite translation, choose a reading plan, study by yourself or join a group!

Read the Bible in two years

Several years ago our church developed this “one-of-a-kind” Bible-reading plan has been developed with the following in mind:

Reasonable Pace—This reading plan takes the reader through the Bible in TWO years—not the usual one—allowing the reader to read and study the Bible at a more “doable” pace.

Units—The plan has been broken down into several “units”, allowing the reader to start and stop at various points throughout the two years.  The units are often grouped in a manner that allows the reader to enjoy both Old Testament and New Testament readings, grouping them thematically and chronologically.
Psalms-Proverbs—This reading plan allows the reader to read through the Psalms twice and the book of Proverbs around three times.

Unit Overviews—Each unit has an accompanying overview that helps the reader get the “big picture” before diving in.

Weekly Commentary/Study Questions—Each week’s reading has an accompanying commentary giving much insight into the readings.  There are also questions that will allow the reader to “dig deeper” into their Bible study.

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