Prayer as Kingdom Partnership

Jan 8, 2023    Jim Moynihan

Prayer as Kingdom Partnership

Digital Bulletin -

Questions for Personal Reflection/Group Discussion:

1.     What do you find yourself praying about often and passionately?

2.     How often do you pray that God’s name be worshiped in the earth? How often do you pray that God’s Kingdom would COME into specific situations? How often do you pray that God’s will would be DONE in specific situations?  

3.     Dallas Willard described the Kingdom of God as “God in action”. How does it impact you that Jesus invited/called us to participate in what He is doing in the earth to rescue people from the power of sin, the rule of Satan, and the tyranny of their own wills?

4.     In what way is praying the will of God an act of war?

5.     What do we need to be careful of when praying in our pain?