"Be Hungry and Thirsty for God"

Mar 5, 2023    Gerald Gruber

Be Hungry and Thirsty for God

Digital Bulletin -https://mailchi.mp/alliancechurch/be-hungry-and-thirsty-for-god

Questions for Personal Reflection/Group Discussion

1. In referring to Matthew 5:6, can you think of a circumstance/situation in your life that might help you understand this intense, urgent desire for God?

2. In what way(s) are you passionately pursuing God?

3. What do we mean when we say that there is vertical and a horizontal nature to how we understand righteousness?

4. Have you been “made right” with God? Have you placed your faith in Jesus, His work and death on your behalf, as Savior and Lord?

5. We talked about four areas of our lives that should reflect the righteousness of Christ (ambitions, attitudes, desires and relationships). Which area in your life do you struggle the most with? How can you pray into this?