You don't have to.   You get to.

Do you have an eternal perspective on your finances?

Have you ever...

...wondered how in the world you could possibly give more?

...considered that how you invest your money truly impacts people for eternity?

...understood that God is testing your love for Him when He asks you to give?

Then... GIVE GENEROUSLY may be your best NEXT STEP!

give generously

It Just Makes Sense

Need Financial Counseling?

Struggling with finances?   Don't know who to turn to for help?

We have compassionate and competent individuals who will walk alongside you in this journey towards financial freedom.

Other Ministries We Support

Below are a few of the ministries that we encourage our congregation to give to as God leads.

Christian and Missionary Alliance Ministries

Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA)
Our Denomination
Short-term Mission Sites for the C&MA
Compassion and Mercy Associates  (CAMA) 
Relief and Development arm of the C&MA

Local Ministries